About iClassPro Merchant Services

iClassPro Merchant Services is a registered payment facilitator (PayFac) specializing in providing payment processing services to activity centers such as gymnastics, swimming, dance and cheerleading schools. Since 2008, iClassPro has been an leader in the children’s activity center industry. In 2015, iClassPro began its expansion into merchant services and gateway processing.

Prior to that, we had a popular class management software with a handful gateway integrations. We learned that we can provide a much better experience to users by providing an all in one service. We did our homework and found a way to not only improve that interaction but also to save a lot of our customers some money in the process.

After reviewing the common hassles of the payment processing industry, we set out to solve a few problems...

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NO MORE dealing with multiple service providers

With the way the credit card processing industry works, your request to transfer funds goes through two different parties - a gateway (which safely encrypts and relays the information about the transaction) and the merchant processor (which actually performs funding, or withdrawals and deposits).

At iClassPro Merchant Services, we offer not only a gateway, but also merchant processing all bundled under one roof. That means just one company to go to for all your questions. No more phone tag!

*Bundled services only available in the U.S. Customers in other countries can contact support to discuss available options.

NO MORE hidden fees

Many processors out there lure you in with low introductory, or “qualified” rates, but most transactions do not qualify for the lowest rate. Additionally, there are typically added charges for hardware rentals, statement fees, reporting fees, compliance fees, non-compliance fees and more. Let’s just say that trying to make sense of statements from across the industry was a nightmare. All these extra fees charged on a monthly basis drastically raised the real cost of processing (the effective rate). So we took a different approach.

We took a look at all these costs and bundled them into competitive rates. Each customer’s needs are different depending on their processing volume and types of cards accepted. Contact us to request a free quote.

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NO MORE not-so-helpful support

We were also hearing plenty of complaints from customers about support techs from these third party providers keeping them on hold or giving them the wrong answers to their questions.

Moving these services in-house not only allows you to have a one-stop-shop, but it means talking to more knowledgeable and experienced technicians that can help get you set up right the first time.

When it comes right down to it, iClassPro Merchant Services was built with our class business customers in mind. We want you to have the best experience possible. And now we can deliver it with our in-house payment processing.